University of Toronto

Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

Senior College: An Invitation to Join the SC Speakers Bureau

As part of its mandate “to facilitate and encourage retirees’ involvement and contribution to the larger community beyond the University,” the Senior College (SC) formed a Speakers Bureau that commenced service in the fall of 2010 (formerly under the name ARC Speakers Bureau). The Bureau lists retired faculty, librarians and senior administrators who are willing to give talks or lead discussions and the subjects on which they have expertise. The list is distributed to schools, seniors’ homes, service clubs and other organizations in the GTA community.

When SC receives requests for speakers, the SC Administrator contacts the person requested or an appropriate member of the Bureau, if the request indicates a topic but not a speaker. Members of the Bureau who are invited to speak decide whether they wish to accept the invitation. The Bureau’s policy is not to charge a speaker’s fee. However, Bureau speakers may accept any honoraria that are offered and contributions to their travel expenses.

If you are willing to be a member of the Senior College Speakers Bureau, please reply to indicating

1) Your name and phone number(s)
2) A brief description of your fields of interest, indicating some of the topics on which you are willing to speak
3) Any restrictions on your availability – such as days of the week, times during the year

We hope that you will be willing to contribute to this program of sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience in our retiree community at the University of Toronto with the larger community in which we live. We look forward to hearing from you.


Peter H. Russell,
Principal, Senior College and co-Chair, Senior College Centre Board of Management