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Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

Senior College Speakers Bureau FAQ for Venues

1. What is the Speakers Bureau?

Created in 2010, the Speakers Bureau is an initiative of the University of Toronto’s Senior College Centre (SCC) (formerly the Academic Retiree Centre). SCC issued a Call for Volunteers to retired professors of UofT in early 2010, and continues to accept volunteers.  The Speakers Bureau provides information about speakers and their areas of expertise, as well as sample titles of talks.  The aim is to give back to the community: schools, hospitals, libraries, and non-profit and community groups.

2. Is there a fee?

All Speakers Bureau speakers are retired professors of the University of Toronto who have volunteered for this program. The Bureau’s policy is not to charge a speaker’s fee. However, Bureau speakers may accept any honoraria and/or contributions to their travel expenses that are offered . In the case of a speaker who normally charges a public speaking fee, the speaker and the venue are to negotiate with each other directly.

3. What kind of talks are available?

Our website has lots of detailed information on speakers and sample titles of talks at

4. How do we request a booking?

Please use our online Booking Request Form.

To request a speaker, please submit a Booking Request Form.

Upon receipt, the Senior College Administrator will get in touch with speakers and upon finding an available candidate, will get back in touch with you to let you know, providing direct contact information at that time.

5. How can we show our appreciation?

We are interested in hearing from you if you do make a booking. A mention of the Senior College Speakers Bureau at the University of Toronto in any advertising or introduction would be appreciated.  In order to continue to improve our services, we would also appreciate your feedback following a talk.  And feel free to send a thank-you note to the speaker!