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Senior College: How to Join

An Invitation to “Retired” Academics

2015 Forms:

New Fellow or External Fellow joining in the fall 2015

Senior College at the University of Toronto invites “retired” university faculty and librarians living in the GTA to join the College.

A group of scholars from many disciplines and faculties established Senior College in 2009 as a centre of activity for university faculty and librarians who in retirement continue to be engaged in academic and professional activities. The original group of about 45 has now more than doubled in size.

Although the College is a recognized academic project of the Academic Retiree Centre at the University of Toronto, its membership includes “retirees” from other universities and colleges.

The College is run by its Fellows who decide what it will do and support it with their fees. In its first three years, the activities the College has launched include:

  • weekly meetings at which Fellows or their colleagues discuss new research and current issues of broad public and academic interest. This program is highly multidisciplinary, covering topics in the natural, physical and social sciences and the humanities.
  • an annual one-day public symposium on a major theme. Topics have included the current state of the university, immigration and multiculturalism, and challenges facing the city. In 2015, the symposium topic will be “The Future: The Next Hundred Years”.
  • teaching and fund-raising support for the Workers’ Education Association’s University-in-the-Community program.
  • special events such as presenting, in partnership with Fort York, a one-day public symposium on the War of 1812.
  • visits to the University of Toronto’s environmental sciences research station at Joker’s Hill, and to the McMichael Gallery for a presentation of the work of the great Indian poet, philosopher and painter, Rabindranath Tagore.
  • development of a digital, online encyclopeadia/history of the University of Toronto.
  • a life-writing program recording the careers of senior university scholars.There are two ways of joining Senior College. For an annual fee of $TBA, you can become a Fellowof the College with full voting rights and the expectation that you will participate actively in College activities. Or you can enroll as an Associate for a much lower fee that will ensure you receive notices, and to the extent that seating permits, attend College events. We do hope you will consider joining Senior College as a Fellow or, should it suit you better, as an Associate.


Scott Rogers
Registrar, Senior College