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Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

About the Vice-Provost

Sioban NelsonMeet the Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life – Sioban Nelson

Professor Sioban Nelson serves as the University’s Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life.  Her primary area of responsibility in this role is academic personnel issues, including policy development. The Office of Faculty and Academic Life has responsibility for the development and oversight of a wide variety of policies and programs to support the institutional goal of appointing, promoting and retaining the best educated, most intellectually creative faculty it can identify. The Provost has designated authority over all Academic Integrity matters to Vice-Provost Nelson.

In addition, Professor Nelson serves as Vice-Provost, Academic Programs of the University of Toronto.

Former Dean of the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, and former chair of the Council of Health Sciences, Professor Nelson is a Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurses. She is also a member of the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance.

Professor Nelson has published three monographs and six edited collections in the fields of nursing and health history and contemporary practice and policy. She is also the co-editor of the Culture and Politics of Healthcare Work  series for Cornell University Press.  Professor Nelson’s current research interests include labour mobility and the global health workforce, and health professional regulation and transnational history.